Aynur Aydın – Stand Up Şarkı Sözleri

I know it’s hard
To put down your guard
When ot feels so badly bruised
Yes your heart ıs black an blue
And it never fades away

Your climbing the walls
Theres no need at all
Just believe ın something new
Something no-one can undo
That nobody can erase

If you only
Stand up
Show them everything that you are
Made off
Cause ı don’t wanna see you fall
That’s all that i ever want from you
If you only
Stand up
Listen to your voice and never
Give up
Even if the world is clossing in
You’ll see that nobodys ment to be
A prisoner

You walking the line
Doing your time
And your locked ın deja-vu
Nothing left to hoşd on to
It’s hard to understand

Your ready to fight
Your breaking out
And i won’t let you be alone
Cause i wont turn in to stone
When you reach out for my hand

It’s getting so cold in the yard and
Your fighting your way through the darkness
All you wanna do is run just run for cover
Your all out of your ammunition
Coz it’s seems like nobody will listen
When it feels like your going under

Müzik: Lobos Paula, Björn Djupström, Mohammed Denebi

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